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Westview Veterinary Hospital

Tips for Stay Cool

Small Black & White Dog Running with Owner Outside
  • If you regularly jog or bike with your dog, be conscious of when you’re doing it – if it’s a hot day, the pavement can get very hot for your pet’s feet

  • Choosing to exercise with your dog earlier in the morning or later in the evening, when it’s cooler, will be nicer for you and your pet, and will reduce the chances of your pet getting heatstroke

  • When hiking, camping, or going to the beach, make sure you bring along a water bowl and water for your pet, as well as an umbrella for shade, and a towel – both to dry off your pet and to give them an option of a place to lie down that’s not scorching hot

  • Freeze favourite food or treats, such as Kongs, or ice cubes with chicken broth, or freeze a variety of toys and treats inside one big ice cube

  • Ensure your pet is having a good time and is able to get out of the sun

  • If you go out in the car, leave your pet at home rather than in a hot vehicle, where it can take as little as 10 minutes for a pet to suffer irreparable brain damage or even death

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